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Brief guide Sword Assassin Lvl 70 W/O Talent Eureka (PVP Build)

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Brief guide Sword Assassin Lvl 70 W/O Talent Eureka (PVP Build)

Post  LiangHaoYuan on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:00 am

Hiya~ This is a guide for Sword Assassin without Talent Eureka or any extra talent point. Enjoy Razz

SS below show you how to build a decent Sword Assassin.

As you can see we added talent points up to Elemental Change in the darts column, it actually gives you "Flow Flame" enabling you to use the Skill Phoenix Drive.

Well as a Sword Assassin doesen't have much damage per second compared to Double Blade, in-order to do more damage, attack faster and balancing of the cool down time for skill placement in your Combat Aid. It's really very important to have Phoenix Drive.

Templest Blade is another must have skill for Sword Assassin, you can only learn the skill by perk. If you don't have it yet, don't wait any longer. Tempest
Blade actually drops in Altar Of Wind Normal Dungeon.

[b]SS Combat Aid as follow:-

  1. Combat Aid (1) use for normal grinding & VS Mystic.

  1. Combat Aid (2) use for PVP with Warrior, Assassin & Monk.

SS for Pet Talent as follow:-

Look at the SS above, there are a total of 230 pet talent point. You can gain this amount of pet point without purchasing any CC / Item Mall pet. It's decent enough for a normal player.

Please refer to Pet Guide if any question


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Re: Brief guide Sword Assassin Lvl 70 W/O Talent Eureka (PVP Build)

Post  BlackAssassin on Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:00 am

nice build Very Happy

but i want to ask you..what build for assassin lvl 50? it sword better than dual sword in pvp mode...thankss Very Happy


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